Saturday, August 6, 2022

When does a rental exhibition stand offer special advantages?

Every company that has decided to participate in a trade fair is faced with whether to rent or buy a stand.

Buying an exhibition stand is a significant investment but can also be quickly regretted. Therefore, you will find a brief collection of arguments for buying or renting a mobile exhibition stand.

Pros and cons when buying a fair trade stand:

If you regularly participate in trade fairs, where you always appear in the same format with the same floor plan and branding, the purchase of aboothbe the ideal decision. The great advantage is that you can design your stand individually according to your wishes and bring it to life. You will receive a unique perspective tailored to your needs, down to the last detail. A great advantage - is if you have no budget restrictions. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

But a quick note: Did you know that regularly repairing your stand after each trade fair can account for an estimated 20 percent of the overall value of the philosophy? This must also be taken into account when buying a stand.

You can expect lower costs in the long run if you plan to attend the same trade fairs with the same appearance for several years. The purchase of a stand can pay off over two to three years, with at least six to eight trade fairs per year.

The advantages of renting a fair trade stand:

If you have content in a booth, you can vary your appearance. You can change your stand composition, graphics, and color scheme for each show—an attractive option for companies that want a new look regularly or depending on the event. You can use local suppliers on-site and thus significantly reduce logistics costs when renting.

Have you ever noticed that the best trade shows happen at the same time of the year? If you rent an exhibition stand, you can exhibit for one week in Vienna and the following week in Graz without any additional effort and hardly any other costs of your existing rental contract. If the events are close together, you must conveniently rent another mobile exhibition stand to which you can transfer your design.

When buying a stand, you always remain inflexible in the same format. However, if you rent a mobile exhibition stand, you can choose a different size and configuration for each exhibition. You can try different shapes and sizes and find out which arrangement suits you-company highlights and generates the most visitors.

In addition, you avoid logistical effort and can concentrate fully on your fair trade appearance because when you buy a stand, you bear the costs for maintenance, storage, insurance, and disposal. With a large exhibition stand, this can quickly exceed your budget, and if the frame is only used occasionally, it has to be stored and may already be out of date when it is used again.

However, if you decide in favor of a rental exhibition stand, you can choose the perfect design from the stock of an exhibition stand builder at a reasonable price. With a more extended contract period, the rental costs can be significantly reduced.

Both were buying and renting a booth have their pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes down to what best fits your marketing and business goals. Over the years, we have found that booth rental is the perfect solution for clients who require three or more booths per year. The essential advantage is that you get an ideal stand at every trade fair, with an average saving of around 30 percent over one year compared to buying a perspective.